Doing The Good Work tips to Authenticity. 

Authenticity is how I gained the confidence in my niche to start consulting, training, coaching, speaking and doing webinars. I showed up as me and allowed my work to speak for itself. I firmly believe, products and businesses DO NOT create more business, people DO!  There is only a few things on this earth that sells themselves and you and your services are likely not those things lol! Once I accepted who I was professionally, my career skyrocketed! I became unapologetic in my approach to the work. Some people did not like it, but hey, I felt good about it because I knew I was Doing The Good Work! Authenticity can be the driving force to believing in, being dedicated to, and executing your goals and dreams. Being yourself and seeing yourself in your work is how you maintain the energy to finish with excellence, especially when your time is short and your motivation is low. So here's some tips to finding your authentic self, which will also better your work


Invest Time In Your Personal Growth: 

Take some classes on things you're interested in. Volunteer at a place or around an issue you're passionate about; don't just volunteer for a feel good two hours of your day, but something you really want to see positive change happen around. (see blog on positivity tips here!) Spend time doing something you love and research who else is doing that.  Follow them, learn from them, be bold and reach out to them! You will learn more about yourself in the process. 


Rid Yourself of Unauthentic People:

It's very difficult to build a relationship with an unauthentic person. The relationship may feel one sided or it won’t blossom into what you would like it to. Also, if you choose to hang around a person who is unauthentic and you are trying to be more authentic, make sure you protect your priority values at all times! Protect the things that make you feel like the best you and unauthentic people will rid themselves from your lives. 


Rid Yourself of Self Doubt:

Your self-esteem is super important on your authenticity journey. Its tough to act like our genuine self when doubt is present. The last person or thing you want to second guess is yourself or your intuition. Push yourself beyond doubt into confidence by operating in what you know and trust. Put yourself in places where you can use the information that you study. Work in places that helps you feel like your work is second nature. That will help you get rid of self doubt. 


Ask Yourself, What or Who Makes You Feel Comfortable?:

Pen and pad is one of the oldest technologies. Not even the computer could put it out of business. Think about it, we saw what dvd's did to vhs and what mp3 did to the walkman. Feel where I am going here! So list out characteristics of places, spaces, or people that make you feel comfortable. This will help you identify where or with whom you can be your most authentic self.


What's Your 15 Second Elevator Pitch?:

Don’t start with titles or where you work but lead with what your passions are or what motivates you everyday. Give people the juicy stuff and not the everyday boring answers. How does this sound? "Hi my name is Dar and I deliver pizzas of a living." Boring! How about this? "Hi my name is Dar, I am a PhD student who wants to start a business on teaching others how to become social entreprenuers, so I deliver pizza to finance my company." Better? Do you want to know more about my life? Sure you do! Practice this frequently, with friends even, but if you want to be great, practice until you get it perfect. 


Create an Authenticity Framework:

Draw out a map or hierarchy of characteristics that you need in order to feel like you. Push yourself to put it on paper. One of the oldest technologies is pen and pad...I clearly keep repeating this lol. That means it is a powerful tool, challenge yourself to conceptualize yourself. 

Make Amends with People You Hurt:

This may be one of the hardest things to do. However, it helps you forgive yourself for who you were in your past and focus on who you want to be in your future. 

Be In Tune with Your Feelings: 

It's okay to cry sometimes. We all have feelings, share them with others. Of course some places, spaces, and people are not ready for your most authentic feelings so, make sure you share them with people who have proven you can trust them! This can be a mentor or older family member, group of friends, or professional group on social media, just makes sure these people will not assassinate your character. 


Be You:

Not much to explain here! Be Unapologetically You! 


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