Tips to Positivity or Positive Thinking

Positivity is a power that we all have. It is my favorite value at Doing The Good Work. Why you ask? Because who doesn't like a positive person in the workplace?! I think we all know that one person who takes positivity overboard, but in actuality, is there such a thing? Which person would you rather be colleagues with, an optimistic person or pessimistic person? Would you rather work with a positive person or a negative person? Would you rather get feedback from a person who cares about how they deliver the message or a person who could care less if they hurt your feeling? Convinced that positivity has a role in the workplace yet? Good! How a person perceives projects/teams/tasks will determine how successful they are at them. Ever given a project/task to a negative person? Oh My God! It's too much! Especially when they run into challenges. Having positive thoughts about projects/teams/tasks makes the bumps in those spaces a lot more manageable. So here's my tips to positivity or positive thinking.

Speak It Into Existence:

When I was going through a very rough time in life, I told myself everyday, I was living the dream. Even when things weren’t going well, when someone asked me how I was doing, I said “I’m living the dream.” I committed to this for one year and  did a 30 day social media positivity challenge. Through that year I saw drastic changes in my life! I got a raise, worked on projects I was really passionate about, lost 20 pounds, appreciated work opportunities more, and I met the love of my life! If that's not living the dream, I don't know what is!

Positive Thinking Over Negative Thinking:

This is different from speaking positivity into your life. You ever heard of the Law of Attraction? A philosophy that states, focusing on either the positive or negative will bring it into existence. Have you ever worked with a person who speaks negatively a lot or just plain hates their job? These people hardly ever get promotions and they are always hating on people who get promotions (and have the nerve to wonder why they didn't get a promotion lol). Negative people always makes processes harder or more complicated, even when it doesn't have to be. If you hate your job most likely hateful characteristics and feelings will be the result of any project, team, or task. If you focus on positivity, positive things will happen for you. This could be true in the workplace and in life. Positive thoughts brings positive energy into everything!

Leave Negative Spaces & Environments:

Are you surrounded by negative people who consistently are in negative situations? Do you work with people who always find the reasons why things will fail, or after things didn't go as well, can instantly point out why something didn't work? If you pay this no mind, over time, you WILL absorb that negative energy. Your physical health, wealth, mental stability, and overall life will be more vulnerable and susceptible to whatever negative experiences comes with it. Surround yourself with positive people. Get rid of negative people in your life and on your social media. Unfriend/unfollow them right now! Take care of your mind and spirit by following more positive people, groups, and pages.

Invest In Your Personal Development:

What do you do in your leisure time? What do you do for extracurricular activity? Do you do things that give your courage, knowledge, hope and inspiration? Do you allow positive people into your spaces to affect your life? You can also increase positive energy in your home for free on youtube by listening to Eric Thomas, Les Brown, Gary V, and other motivational speakers. Essentially I am saying turn that hobby or passion into purpose! Look for transformational personal and professional development opportunities. Seek out those positive experiences in your passions or interest. Take some time to write out your dreams and write some baby steps to make them come true. I did, and now I am sharing with the world how I left my job to pursue being a full time social entrepreneur!

Challenge Negativity with Positivity:

Challenge the status quo by asking yourself or others what did you learn or gain from a failure? Once you say it out load, you and others will start to bring out the positive accomplishments of projects, teams, etc, because you found some successes in a negative situation. This will bring more positive people to you because you are not afraid to share a perspective in the workplace that others are not sharing.

Encourage Others and Express Gratitude:

When we feel valued in the workplace we get more work done. People who express gratitude and encourage others usually gain positive energy by supporting and helping others feel more positive. How often have you dedicated one day to saying something positive to as many people as possible? Have you ever tried the 30 day positivity challenge on social media? Do something to make others happy, and I guarantee, you will start seeing positive results in the workplace and your life!

Essentially if the super positive person is getting to you, take a few seconds to think, is it them or is it you?


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