How To Choose Values for Your Business:

For Start Ups & New Entrepreneurs

Lately, I have been doing free consulting with new entrepreneurs and start-ups. One thing I noticed is that some people's business is not aligned with any values. When I first started my business, I needed a bridge to the profession that showed the veterans there was a newbie on the block! Nah, I am just kidding...kind of...

I decided to create values for my company because I knew my ideal clients would see them and understand what I cared about. Values show that we are competent and capable of delivering our services. Showing is the easy part lol. Initially, my values were my gateway to connect with clients in person, but, I then started using them to connect with clients via social media. I start showing how I practiced my values. I used pics, articles, videos, etc that were aligned with my values to attract clients who wanted to learn more about my work. I really want to stress that, once you select business values that you love and are deeply connected to your work’s core, you will see an increase in your audience engagement, client leads, and contracts! I wrote this blog to tell you why having strong business values are important to entrepreneurial success.

Once you select your business values, to master them you must learn to teach others "how to" and model the way. Selecting your business values should be connected to values that you already have and show to the world without looking for praise. I would be lying if I said, I posted my values, then the next day I was an international educator and speaker. I volunteered for many projects, and failed some of them, before I recognized the values that mattered to my work. 

My values are Awareness, Authenticity, Positivity, and Inclusivity (click on each for tips). I showed others that these were my values before I published them anywhere! I use them as the lens of all my personal and work decisions. Our values make a statement, we usually are drawing a line between us and them (whoever they are). There should be nothing that moves forward without considering the values lens first. I would not have over 400 people like my fb page, over 300 in my email list, over 1000 real followers on IG, and over 2000 connections on linkedin in year one without being true to my values. That’s not a lot to some but to me, it's everything!

Ever hear the saying, if it aint broke dont fix it? I strongly believe this when it comes to your brand’s values. If it is working for you, keep building on that! Your values tell your market and customers what they can ALWAYS expect from your brand. If you built your brand from the ground up, you understand the importance of maintaining and engaging your first fans/followers. Here’s a tip, engage your first followers the most, ask for their advice, and in some way pay them back for their support. Make sure to ASK if you’re still communicating your message and if your business evolution is exciting! On a basic level, your values help you feel confident enough to start a business. The next level for me is to show you how I used my values to reach over 20,000 people and build a $20,000 social enterprise in 8 months. So here's a few things to consider when choosing your values to build your brand.

  1. Brainstorm 20 Values: Narrow them down to 10, then to 5, then to 3. (google "business core values" to find list of words)

    1. Stay anywhere between 3-5. You don't want to over complicate it.

  2. Define Each Value: According to how it fits your business, define how those values operate in your business. Which is why I created blogs about my values. It tells people what my values mean to me and how I have used them. Check out my Authenticity, Awareness, Positivity, and Inclusivity tips in hyperlink above!

  3. Operationalize Values Directly Into Your Business Identity: Keep your team and audience engaged, excited, and challenged through the lens of your values. Make sure your values are relevant and inspirational to them! Also, use them to challenge other perspectives and lens

  4. Evaluate Everything Based on Values: This does not need to be formal, but, how are you holding yourself accountable? Keep track of this in a doc or spreadsheet. I like to keep a spreadsheet on ideas so that everything I put out is organized in some way!

  5. Commit to Your Values: When it's all said and done are you willing to walk away from money to live within your values? If not, it is not a core value and has no place in your business. Don't make this about money, make it about values. No-one can ever argue that. At the end of the day an unethical, immoral, unauthentic, in-genuine employee or business owner will help you lose followers and money real fast!

Helping others build their social enterprise has become a mission of mine. A lot of people have been congratulating me for my courage and see me as an inspiration for pursuing my dreams. I think that is a blessing! I love my village!  I also feel, why blow up and not have anyone to share that success with. Let's join villages by attending or sharing my free webinar Hashtag To Cash: The Small Business Crash Course To Cashtag Marketing! Don't ride the wave alone! If you’re ready to serve your purpose and make some money, let's learn how to use social media to get clients on autopilot using my Cashtag Marketing System. Feel free to shoot me an email for more information on the free webinar at (subject line: Hashtag To Cash Info)