Good Mayweather Consulting does one on one coaching, diversity and inclusion professional development, and business/social media consulting for Nonprofits, Colleges and Universities, Corporations, and Small Businesses who are managing change. 

I help leaders, managers, supervisors, executives, and entrepreneurs have more impact in their community by teaching action-oriented strategies, promoting relevant research, and elevating your confidence through step by step action items that show the world you are one of the best! 

Multicultural organizational development

I help my clients engage in actionable diversity and inclusion strategies that will foster effective change in both their personal and organizational life. I will help you create a diversity strategic plan, training schedule, values statement, inclusive policies, and organizational initiatives that increase belonging, morale, and strengthen the organizational mission. I use the social change model of leadership to discuss multicultural organizational development at the individual, group, and community level. You will assess and shed light on the things you are doing well and the things that are missing. I send clients through a process of change that supports an organization in moving from a monocultural exclusive organization to a multicultural inclusive and equitable organization.

Developing Multicultural Leadership Initiatives

Looking to dismiss old ways of developing multicultural leaders and teams? I help my clients design innovative programs and curriculum that provide interactive, practical, hands on, step by step learning for leaders! We will focus on inclusive curriculum development to build co-curricular learning spaces that promote respect, increase empathy, and foster understanding of others from different backgrounds. We will design programs or curriculum that equips leaders with 22nd century strategies and skills that values active listening, inclusion, and equity. 

New venture creation

I help clients develop and market their best ideas! Do you know where your new business idea fits in the market? I help my clients do the research behind the business that positions new ventures in their specific market or industry. Many new entrepreneurs fail their venture by just believing their idea is a good idea, without doing the market analysis and research. Although many do have great ideas, we focus on defining your audience, industry, services, and more that will give you a clear idea of how your business meets a growing need in a market. 

Small business social media strategy development

I help small businesses have a huge impact on social media by streamlining post, increasing connections with audience, and articulating a story that speaks to the collective identities of the people you serve. Social media posting should not be hard or time consuming, I help my clients devise a doable strategy that works within their schedule. If you need support developing an audience around your brand, download this FREE worksheet to identify your audience and the best ways to engage them on social media.