Gilbert Miguel Ramirez

I recently went to a conference called Equity Within The Classroom and had the opportunity to hear Mr. Mayweather speak. It was an inspiring morning to be in his presence and I will always remember a specific point he made. "Intent does not equal impact". Whatever intent I had to impact the world before I met him has now turned into motivation and preparation, which will allow me to follow through with my plans. I recommend Mr. Mayweather to anyone looking for an inspiring speaker with a background Diversity and Inclusion as well as leadership experience.

Jamie Vassel

Dar spoke at the State of Michigan KCP (King, Chavez, Parks) Conference. He was our first speaker to start off the conference and everyone raved at how great he did. Everyone agreed that he was an excellent choice to start out the conference. He is so great to work with and just an overall nice person!

Dar came to McHenry County College to do the "Easiest Conversation on Race!" It was engaging, interactive, and educational. Faculty, staff, and students loved it! Thanks Dar!

Candice Johnson

Kari Voisinet Hiner

I had the opportunity to hear Mr. Mayweather speak at a conference recently. His perspectives were insightful and his presentational style was captivating. His audience at the conference was primarily postsecondary educators, but I believe that he would also be a wonderful choice as a professional development speaker or workshop facilitator for a K-12 audience. Mr. Mayweather is doing great things to better our society!

Nathan Riel-Elness

Dar came to speak on our campus. He was phenomenal! Very easy to work with and really wanted to know how he could make the best presentation possible to benefit our community. And our students absolutely loved his program. Nothing but positive reviews. A number of students thanked us for bringing him and providing a space for his message.

Nick destefano

Working with Dar has helped to give me direction and clarity as a business owner! He is honest, authentic and practical. If you're looking for a consultant or speaker, Dar will not disappoint. I guarantee he will help you to do the good work

sinclair ceasar

Dar Mayweather is a great mentor, teacher, and human. He provided me with honest and wise advice on my business endeavors and left me feeling empowered and informed. What's also great is that Dar is someone who lives what he professes. Contact him, book him, and be prepared to be challenged, inspired, and called to excellence.

monique atherley

Dar dropped some BARS on me during our consultation that I thought I was prepared for walking in; but had to take the night to think over. His insightful and FRESH perspective offered to me on my life work endeavor provided excellent targeted feedback that I had not received from colleagues who I had been discussing this goal with for years. Dar makes great connective points that challenge you to consider and intentionally curate your overarching alignment and brand. I HIGHLY recommend. Do not get to August and be sorry you missed out on a free consult!!! He’s #DoingTheGoodWork!!

Lewis Jacques

I have seen Dar’s work over the past couple years. Dar has presented multiple times for Housing Residence Life at Eastern Michigan University in which Resident Advisors were trained on diversity and inclusion- as an RA I have attended several of his programs. Having someone to speak on these topics is so incredibly important. He is well prepared and clearly knows how to navigate his way through difficult topics. 

Just recently I attended one of Dar’s programs BYOB (build your own brand). This was a 2-hour interactive presentation in which Dar shared great introductory information on the importance of branding and how to get started. He was very transparent and genuine with how he has gotten to where he is now.

Janella Elder

Doing the good work is an excellent source for diveristy workshops and an entrepreneurial think tank. Dar is easy to talk to, a great listener and a great motivator. He helped me hone my ideas and skills and gave me great advice. He gave me the encouragement to pursue my dreams. I love the passion and excitement he showed during our conversation. I encourage everyone who is afraid to take a chance like I was to contact him!! Keep up the good work 

Tonal Simmons

Literally, spent only 30 minutes on the phone with Dar talking about my business and got some new perspectives. 

He gave me great insight on how to successfully narrow down target demographics and how to find ways to cater to their needs. After he said it I was like, duh? However, it was one thing I completely overlooked in this aspect. Literally spent two hours doing research on just that after our talk. It definitely helped!

Taylor Porter

I am so excited for the potential I see as this year comes to a close. Not only is there potential but there are tangible action steps to help turn dreams to goals and the goals to accomplishments. If you want to bless yourself go to and take a look at the free resources. Stay tuned my friends! Dar is a beast and knows how to put business jargin into usable language. All day long aint too long!