Equity and Inclusion Keynote

Professional staff in K-12 and Higher Ed need skills to engage conversations about equity and inclusion. My Equity and Inclusion keynote can be modified into a half day training workshop for students, staff, and faculty. Connect with me at ForCollegeForLife.com/dar for more information!

Recounting Racism and Hashtag Activism by Dr. Rema Reynolds and Dar Mayweather

Paper presentation at the International Conference on Urban Education, 2018

Only Yes Equals Consent

Consent should be fun, but we've made it taboo to talk about doing it right. Not talking about it only contributes to rape culture. One of the greatest tools we have to prevent dating and sexual violence is discussing safe and healthy consent!

The Easiest Conversation on Race

This program is focused on racial awareness, which is an entry point for people new or novice to discussing race openly or leading race related initiatives. I give participants a formula that works in the classroom, committee meeting, program, or one on one meeting.