I take boring 1 hour to 2 day training spaces and transform them into dynamic, challenging, and engaging spaces to keep #doingthegoodwork that matters. My work Is grounded in education, counseling, leadership, social justice, and organizational theory.

signature keynotes and workshops

Good Mayweather Consulting provides dynamic, inspiring, and challenging keynotes and trainings! I provide 30-90 minute opening or closing keynotes/lectures/courses for all levels within the organization. Let me know how I can help you below or email for descriptions and learning outcomes:

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Leading Beyond Buzzwords

Organizations that value innovation see diversity and inclusion as necessary elements of growth and progress. To harness the power of diversity and inclusion, Dar believes leaders must practice meaningful engagement in tough topics and discussions. This program enhances each leader's ability to reflect on diversity related concepts with others. Through thoughtful insights and opportunities for dialogue, Dar increases participant's confidence in discussing values and understandings about diversity, inclusion, equity, and social justice.


The Easiest Conversation On Race

This program is focused on racial awareness, which is an entry point for people new or novice to discussing race openly or leading race related initiatives. I give participants a formula that works in the classroom, committee meeting, program, or one on one meeting. This program guides a community toward a deeper, more-universal knowledge base of race and its application to individuals and groups within today’s society. We all live with a racial identity, at the same time, most use outdated concepts and definitions of race. Through open dialogue, participants are able to develop greater awareness, appreciation, and respect for others and create more inclusive communities on campus. This program can be customized for all levels and will support those struggling to open meaningful racial conversations or those currently developing strategies around complex racial issues. 


I Am Many: Explore Social Identity In Leadership

In society, we individually and collectively have a rich amount of diversity within our identities. In this program, focused on personal exploration, we find the beauty of how interconnected our experiences are.  I guide audiences along a thought-provoking and interactive analysis of individual stories and how they each contribute how to we lead others. Through reflection and discovery, participants engage in a process of deeper and more-meaningful understanding of different identities and how they operate in your communities. 


Only Yes! = Consent

Why is it so awkward to talk about consent?

Consent should be fun, but we've made it taboo to talk about doing it right. Not talking about it only contributes to rape culture. One of the greatest tools we have to prevent dating and sexual violence is discussing safe and healthy consent! In this thought-provoking, interactive session, I introduce a simple, yet-powerful concept: Only Yes! = Consent.  Through the lens of videos and large-group dialogue, I will provide audience members the tools to begin creating a healthy and open lens to think and talk about dating, sexual relationships, and boundaries. By following this one core rule, individuals and groups can promote healthier and safer campus cultures.  

Other Keynotes and Workshops

  • Do You Believe In Magic: Identity Development From Childhood To Adulthood (Pre-College Prep and Underrepresented First Year College Students Programs)

  • Racism in the Workplace and Intentional Self Care For Professionals of Color

  • Let's Get Real About Branding (Small Businesses & New Entrepreneurs)

  • Behind The Business Workshop: New Venture Research and Resources 

  • Prioritizing Multicultural Values At School (Great for First Year, Upper Class High School Students, Adult Learning Training Programs)

  • What Are You Going To Do (High School Graduates, First Year College Students)